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​Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a soft tissue technique that allows the clinician to address fascial restrictions caused by scar tissue, adhesions, tightness, and more. There are specially designed instruments that the Therapist utilizes to provide resonating feedback of how the tissue feels and effectively focus treatment.


  • Increases blood flow to the area
  • Improves mobility of the myofascial connective tissue
  • Promotes healing by increasing fibroblasts and mast cells responsible for tissue repair

Manual therapy is broad term that applies to skilled techniques that your Physical Therapist will perform to improve soft tissue and joint mobility. The goal of any manual technique is to improve the limitations of the joint or soft tissue to a normalized pattern and decrease your pain.

How do you know if these techniques are right for you? Any patient with pain or hypomobility, soft tissue and/or joint restrictions, may meet the criteria to receive manual therapy. The answer will ultimately depend on your evaluation with your Physical Therapist, which will include a comprehensive examination of the restricted joints and soft tissue. 

These include

Soft Tissue Mobilization / Deep Friction Mobilization, Joint Mobilizations, Passive ROM, Manual Release and more. below is a demonstration of IASTM. 

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