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Balance is the ability to maintain control of static and dynamic body position. Weakness and endurance play a role, and affect how the body responds to the environment and obstacles.

There are 3 Key elements to balance:

  1. Proprioception (Sensory) Input from the Muscles and Joints are able to detect a stretch or pressure of the surrounding tissue. And allow the body to sense its position and motion providing feedback for corrections during gait, sitting, standing, and sport activities.
  2. Vision (Sight) Visual cues are analyzed by the brain to judge depth and distance allowing for the orientation of the body during activity. 
  3. Vestibular System (motion equilibrium, spatial orientation)
    Within our inner ear the utricle, saccule, and three semicircular canals detect gravity, vertical orientation, linear movement and rotational movement respectively informing the brain of our body’s position in space.

For individuals with balance and gait problems, we utilize various measuring tools to identify your deficits. We then design a system with a focus on correcting the balance and strength deficiencies that are associated with falls that may be present with functional ambulation and ADLs. Strength and mobility also play vital roles in the ability to function. We will carefully assess these factors in addition and create an individual HEP and treatment protocol to address the deficits!

Athletes also receive a thorough evaluation with use of Functional Movement Screening to locate discrepancies that may be corrected to effectively return them to sport.